Dr. Ron O'Brien
Eight-Time Olympic Diving Coach

February 9, 2017

Atlantic Diving Team Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 770236
Coral Springs, FL 33071

To all diving enthusiasts and supporters:

The Atlantic Diving Team Foundation Inc. is launching a great project to improve the sport of diving in the South Florida area as well for the whole country. I support their effort. Their mission is to provide better facilities and opportunities for everyone in the sport. Their vision is big and I very much hope they succeed. Not only will they make a great contribution to diving but they can create a model for others clubs and facilities to emulate.

If there is any path by which you can provide support for this project, I strongly urge you to do so. If you want to get involved contact Osvaldo Pito Alberty, president, at (954) 837-3597 or email him at pito@adtfoundation.com.

Good luck to the Atlantic Diving Team Foundation in the pursuit of their goals.

Dr. Ron O’Brien
USA Olympic Diving Coach